• We have exclusively UK production at a single site in South Wimbledon and offer a firm guarantee that production will not be outsourced abroad or to UK subcontractors
  • All our staff are paid LONDON living wages AND above UK statutory minimum
  • Our studio is safe, spotlessly clean and hygienic
  • We re-use & recycle all waste including off cuts and on permission from our clients donate waste fabric to the local communities
  • We have reduced our energy usage by investing in energy saving motors and by maximising the available natural light.
  • Our full 10-point CSR and sustainability plan is available upon request
  • Our doors are always open – please come and visit us at Eden Studio and catch-up with cuppa and a biscuit

Picture Credit Zoe Boomer. FREEDOM Silk Vests to raise money and awareness for the A21 Campaign to victims of human trafficking.

Picture Credit
Hermonie de Paula